About Us

We thank you for shopping with GiGi Moda and we invite you to experience our new Italian collection.

Gigi Moda is a beautiful feminine clothing line from Italy located in California designed by Francine & Laurent Hebbelinck.

Most of our products come in natural colors, pigments that are mixed and hand dyed in Italy. The products are exclusively and carefully made in small quantities to ensure the greatest possible treatment of our delicate fabrics.

Each piece being hand crafted may present differences in color between items from varying orders and shipments as each batch is truly one of a kind.

We believe color, quality and the softest fabrics keep anyone in great spirits. Gigi Moda reflects romance, dolce vita and represents the marriage between high-end style and effortless chic.

Gigi Moda is stocked in stores across the country that share our aesthetic and want us to be part of their brand. With this online branch we are hoping to reach online shoppers around the world who are looking for something special in their online shopping experience.

We are always receiving pieces from Italy, so please understand in case we don't have that specific item in house right away to ship to you. We will be notifying you as soon as possible in case that happens!

In case you find any item(s) out of stock, please contact us for details of when the item(s) will become available.

We also accept Special Orders on Request. 

We welcome you to GiGi Moda!

With Love, from Italy to You!

Francine & Laurent Hebbelinck (Owner - Designer).